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~ California Series Water Purification ~

Seagull IV (CA) drinking water purifiers cleanse water instantly and effectively providing clean, great tasting water right at your tap, without chemicals, hold-time, or electricity!!

Seagull IV (CA) Water Purifiers ~ CA certified for residential use in California

Seagull IV CA ® X-2KF Designer Water Purifier

Seagull IV X-1FP Water Purifier
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Seagull IV X-2KF (CA)
w/ Pristine chrome faucet
"Designer Series"
water purifier

RS-1SG Structured Matrix Cartridge
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Seagull IV X-2KF (CA)
w/ "LTF gold" Pristine faucet
"Designer Series"
water purifier

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RS-1SG(CA) cartridge

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Certified by California Dept. of Health for residential use
Meets CA Prop. 65 Standards

Modern Elegance - New "LTF" lifetime finish Designer Series. Innovative technology combined with the sleek elegance of our newly redesigned Pristine faucet. New "LTF gold" finish on all ports and "LTF gold" Pristine faucet adds lifetime beauty. Behind the beauty is a high flow, high capacity water purifier with RS-2SG (CA) purification cartridge featuring a NEW pre-filter wrap for added protection. Top quality materials and excellent craftsmanship make this water purifier a world wide favorite.
Our newest X-2(CA) configuration features:

  • Stainless steel X-2 pressure vessel
  • New white braided, high-pressure connection lines
  • RS-2SG (CA) "Structured Matrix™" purification cartridge- with New Pre-Filter Wrap for added protection (pn 788150)
  • Lead-free, designer Pristine faucet with ceramic disk valving in chrome or New "LTF" gold finish - durable lifetime shine
  • New  LTF finish on all ports for lifetime durability- includes "T" port for icemaker or hot water dispenser. port for ice-maker or hot water dispenser

    to topncludes "T" port for ice-maker or hot water dispenser

    ort for ice-maker or hot water dispenser






  • RS-2SG(CA) Cartridge. Designed for Seagull IV X-2 (CA) series water purifiers. Avg. capacity of 2000 gallons. Easy thread on cartridge - now with new pre-filter wrap for an added layer of protection to our 3-stage chemical free purification process.

     includes "T" port for ice-maker or hot water dispenser

Seagull IV X-2(CA) Series Specifications*

Flow Rate per minute gallons (liters)

2 gpm (7.6 lpm)

Average Capacity gallons (liters)

2000 gal. (7600 ltr)

Operating Pressure (min psi / max psi)

30 /125

Particle Retention (microns)

.1 nominal
.4 absolute

Temperature Range F° (C°)

32° - 100° (0° to 38°) - do not freeze

X-2 Pressure Vessel Height

10 in (25.4 cm)

X-2 Pressure Vessel Width / With Clamp

4 1/2in (10.5 cm)/ 5 in (12.7 cm)

*Contact us for additional information on specifications or dimensions. *Average rated life span, flow rate are based on tested waters, actual capacity may vary depending on quality of water source. * Intended for cold water use.

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